Which is better?—Arvada Tree Care? Or Westminster Tree Care? And why do I ask?

As most of you know, I live on W. 81st Drive, near the northern edge of Arvada—very close to where Westminster starts. So whenever I need a tree care service, which I usually do at least once every three years or so, I can call a company in Arvada or in Westminster.

And so that’s what I do: sometimes I call a tree care company in Arvada (the one I always call is Arvada Tree Care); and sometimes I call a tree care company in Westminster (which is always Westminster Tree Care).

Both of the companies are very small, with just four or five employees each. And both are run by a really interesting person, who always shows up to supervise the job.

Arvada Tree Care is run by Walter Warner, a former millionaire investment banker, who one day (after he had become very, very rich) dropped out of the rat race and became a tree care specialist.




Actually, he had been a tree care specialist all his life, because his uncle had had a tree care company for many decades, and as a boy Walter had worked for him every summer, and during every school vacation, learning the trade from the ground up.

Westminster Tree Care is run by Molly Jacobsen, a very beautiful woman who took over the business after her first husband died.

Molly, who when she was young looked like she could have been a model, was planning to run the company only for a few months, until she could sell it. But during those months, to her great surprise, she became charmed and enchanted by the business, and so never ended up selling it.

They are two very different people, who have two very different ways of running their business, but I love them both.

And why do I tell you this?

It’s very simple: as I told you last week, from now on in I’m going to write to write at least one post a day on my blog, instead of the usual two or three posts I’ve been doing for years now.

And when I woke up this morning I realized I didn’t have any idea what to write about today.

And so, in the end, I wrote about this.

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